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About Us

About Us

HOPE is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) implementing our own programmes and also providing solidarity support to other Campaigns and Networks in the fields of Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Environment Protection and Governance.


HOPE Visualizes a society where women, children, dalit, minorities and fisher folk feel that they belong to the society they live in.


Intensive grass root level interventions to protect and promote the rights of women, children, dalit, minorities and fisher folk.

Extensive campaign and solidarity activities to protect and promote the rights of women, children, dalit, minorities and fisher folk.


A.  To protect and promote the rights of children, youth, women and other marginalised sections; and

B.  To empower the marginalised sections of the society to access the information related to their rights and express their views in all matters affecting them.


1. To create awareness among the people for the prevention of the socio, economic, cultural, environment and health problems through seminars, workshops, training programme and camps;

2. To facilitate the people to safeguard themselves from exploitation and to exercise their rights by making them legal literates.

3. To enable the people to avail the benefits offered by the Government and Non-Government Organisations by making them aware of these programme and by functioning as the implementing agency for the schemes introduced by the Departments/Boards of State/Central Government;

4. To prevent the incidence of dropout through Sponsorship programme for education of children and educate the existing dropouts through Non Formal Education and Continuing Education.

5. To make the people responsible for their own development by eliciting their participation and involving them in all steps of the project;

6. To motivate people to form self-help groups and co-operative societies and encourage them to identify and utilize the locally available resources for their development and that of the community.

7. To empower the people by facilitating them to discover their personal power to think freely, to make personal choices, to become aware of their needs and respond to them. 

8. To evolve local leadership and facilitate them to have access to the resources of the nation at large through leadership training and education about the Panchayat Raj.

9. To enable the economic development of the people by imparting vocational and self-employment training to them and encourage them to be independent by disbursing revolving funds for self-employment schemes.

10. To conduct and undertake study and researches in social work and associated fields.

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